Society Room

thanks again to sara and jason for taking the time to photograph and edit the pictures for this dinner

In case you were wondering................................

this is what happens when you put garlic whistles through the juicer........the flavor was insane....just like papa john's garlic dip.....thanks to daniel heinze for this idea......we serve it with grass fed beef and local marble potatoes

Days Off

what a great place to wind down.......the smell of the ocean and the taste of margaritas

Products and Ingredients

Late Spring 2007

Chef's Table

This dinner was so much fun, more pics to come...Thank you Sara and Jason for such great pictures

More Eggs

Four Story Hill Farm

This will be roasted and presented whole for our first chef's table dinner on Wednesday.

Fresh Quail

These quail are so fresh that they still contain eggs!


Biodynamic Agriculture


Whipped Beet Juice

Saturday Night

300 covers.....smooth as silk, sometimes we get lucky

Rita's Beets

These things taste amazing......

Old Skool

This wonderful piece of equipment grades the eggs.....

The Real Thing

A picture really says a thousand words.....

We put these things thru the ringer at the restaurant......They are also put thru the ringer before they even leave the farm....

Phase II

Today the Ping Island Garden was extended....The soil is being prepped for biodynamics and we shall see how things unfold in the next couple of months....


Never Start a practical joke war with a man that owns 165 liters of Liquid Nitrogen....kinda hard to put your shoes on after work when they are -270 degrees C...

Fingers Crossed

I can't wait to cook the vedge from this garden......

This appeared on the Food and Wine Magazine Blog "Mouthing Off"

How to Cook Like an Avant-Garde Chef
By Ratha Tep, Assistant Features EditorRelated Categories: Restaurants, Ingredients, News, Chefs
In our July issue, you'll see the results of our third annual "What Chefs Know Best" poll, a survey of 100 top chefs around the country. Included in the questionnaire: "What food trend do you want to see disappear?" Many of the chefs said molecular cuisine; Todd Gray at Equinox in Washington, D.C., even replied, "Space-age cooking à la George Jetson." The founders of Gastrotek resoundingly disagree. Launching in about two months, Gastrotek will be the third retail company to sell the chemical powders (methylcellulose, tapioca maltodextrin and the like) beloved by avant-garde chefs. Gastrotek's Web site (up soon, at will offer video clips that demonstrate the basic uses of each chemical, and a DVD will explore more esoteric preparations beyond the now seemingly ubiquitous "caviar balls." One partner in the company (no surprise here) is the superexperimental chef Sean Brock, who's taken over the legendary Charleston, South Carolina restaurant, McCrady's. The other is more unexpected: Tyler Gray of Mikuni Wild Harvest, known for supplying wild edibles to the likes of top chefs like Thomas Keller. "I work with 700 restaurants, and I get calls every day about where to find these chemical powders," he says. "They're not going anywhere."

The Garden

My home garden is complete and should be biodynamic by the fall......very exciting...I"ll post pics when things start growing....I have purchased seeds from Italy, France, Virginia and Japan....should be very interesting in deed.

Check It Out....

check out Jeff Allen's new blog....

some mighty fine writing..


Gifts from the Garden

Haikuri Turnips from this morning...

Foie Gras Marshmallow Terrine

Foie terrine layered with foie marshmallow. We served it with compressed apples and licorice


making the squash blossoms crispy

Rita and Celeste

Very few things in life bring me this much joy..........stay tuned for more pics as the growing season progresses....we are very lucky