Local Farmers

We are able to get these squash blossoms delivered 6 days a week from a local farm...They are picked in the morning and delivered to the restaurant the same day...We are currently working on a

new tuna dish for our current menu using these wonderful products

Liquid Nitrogen

this is what happens when you secretly throw a large amount of liquid nitrogen into the pot sink

on the new dishwashers first night

Smoked Salmon Bagel

these cream cheese pearls were served with salmon tartare, smoked sea salt and crispy bagel


Lamb Rack

we cook this with marjoram, thyme, really good olive oil, grains of paradise, juniper, allspice, green sczechuan peppercorns, tasmanian peppercorns, and fennel pollen.....this cooks for several hours at 49 degrees C.....it is then finished on the plancha and served with huckleberries, local spinach and a cauliflower blanket

You never know who you are going to run into

That's me with a gin and tonic and Jeff Corwin from the Animal


Spring is Here

My friend Tyler Gray hooked us up with the most amazing ramps ever.......we turned them

into vichysoisse and served it with smoked steelhead roe


seeing as though we have to work on sundays...........we try to make it as enjoyable as possible........we eat like kings and listen to wonderful country music.....today we ate eric's scrambled eggs, brioche-tonka bean french toast, travis' famous hash browns, ben's biscuits, timmy's sage-sausage gravy, jimmy dean's sausage, hand cut bacon and we listened to merle haggard, willie nelson, johnny cash and waylon jennings......these things make me look forward to working on sundays