Green Truffles from Mars

Creamed Spinach

these are some of the components that we are working on for a new lamb dish......mustard broth and eggless spinach flan.

Crispy Leaf Garnishes

Trying to figure out the best temp for these crispy baby swiss chard leaves....


These are sheets of lobster sauce for a ribeye dish we are working on. Here we are trying to choose the correct methocel for this particular application.
We use a blowtorch to set the methocel.


This is my new favorite spice thanks to my friends at le sactuaire...

Here we serve it with lobster, cauliflower and apricot.....we finish the dish with crispy arugula

Our Current Ocean Trout Dish

fennel, radish, citrus

Bubble Gum

We have wanted to make chewing gum for quite some time now. It is really easy
and lots of fun. We are thinking about making bacon, foie, meyer lemon, spruce, mastic, vadouvan, menthol, tarragon to name a few


This is going to be tasty.

Puffed Chorizo

this is the dough before it is steamed, dehydrated and fried


tommorrow this will be clear....

Crispy Leek

This is our first attempt at a new technique that our friend Asbel was kind enough to explain.....the texture is amazing, the vegetables shatter and then melt away when consumed. thanks Asbel, we are currently working with lots of different vedge, herbs, etc

Roasted Lamb

This is our current lamb dish.....Braised pistachio cassoulet, carrot confit and
bay laurel jus....we are currently putting the finishing touches on our new lamb dish....

Charred Onion

This is an onion puree that has been set with gellan gum and cooled. It is then charred with a blowtorch and cooled. It is then cut into perfect rectangles and served alongside roasted diver scallops.


The chocolate appears to w
be solid but is actually liquid. We serve this with peanut butter ice cream, burnt marshmallow fluff and thai basil


Cauliflower puree in blanket form. I draped these over some potatoes just to show the effect.

Raw Tuna

Apple, Yogurt, Celery, Smoked Steelhead Roe

Grouper Cheek


Frog Legs

we served these in medallions with mastic, broccoli, and matsutake mushrooms

New Trick

we are always looking for ways to make food lighter....

we stumbled upon this by accident...

the flavor is mastic

Onion Glass

Saffron Cream

olive poached artichokes, chorizo, safrron, eggplant

Slightly Busy

this is how we spent our new
year's eve....