Slow cooked beef with carrot confit, caramelized fennel and sauce perigord

pics from andy c

some pics from andy c


Restructered Sweetbreads with marinated maiitakes, scrambled cauliflower and black truffle jus

Pictures from The Charleston City Paper


The rabbit was deboned, glued and rolled.....It is then cooked in duck fat at 60 degrees C for 1 hour....We then wrapped it in swiss chard and served it with mustard consomme

Flavor Pearls


Eggless Saffron flan, eggplant puree, chorizo and olive poached artichokes

Peas and Carrots

Lobster with vanilla and bay laurel

Some old pics of the Kitchen


Our Current Foie Gras Dish

We brine the foie gras whole and the sear it on the plancha....we serve it with granola, whipped raisin and brown butter-cider poached pears


photo by Andy C.

Foie Gras Bacon

After three days in the brine we cold smoked the lobe. Then seared it on the plancha......We served it with Blis elixir, apples, and hazelnuts.

photo by Andy C.

Sweet Shrimp from Maine

We served these tasty little shrimp with salsify gnocchi, celery, saffron and apple...

Getting to know your product


Blue Prawn

Seared on the plancha with radish, fennel and bergamot