Snap, Crackle, Foie

foie gras flavored pop rocks with Blis elixir

Cap of Prime Beef

hollandaise, duo of potatoes, black trumpets...we serve this on
our tasting menu

Raisin Bubbles

reverse sferification...

we use calcium gluconate, calcium lactate and sodium alginate to achieve this...

Smoked Salmon Noodles

these are made using sga 150 methocel...we serve them with cream cheese, pickled ramps and crispy bagel cubes


sunchokes cooking in olive oil for our new chicken dish

Smoke and Mirrors

this is a nifty trick that allows us to create new aromas at the table....we have been playing with various extracts and essential oils that are mixed with sawdust... they sawdust is placed in the pipe and the smoke is trapped under the plastic wrap...everytime the guest touches the food smoke rings are made.....for this dish we used a licorice smoke to go with sweetbreads and sunflower seeds....joan roca is responsible for inventing this technique

Nitro Fryer

we are still working on this piece of allows us to freeze things instantly..
..the circulator keeps the ln2 moving and the compressor keeps the nitrogen from boiling away

Cap of Prime Beef

For years I have been trying to convince our beef purveyors to sell us just the cap
or deckle from the ribeye.....they finally listened and we are super pumped, this is our favorite part of the cow

Liquid Center Chocolate

malt, nitro strawberries, white chocolate powder


eggplant, black truffles, tomato, maiitake


Slow Cooked Lobster

parsnip, tonka beans, cara-cara, leeks

White Truffles

Caviar and Vodka

This is from the
day that we served 93 ounces of caviar


be watching for us on the food network,
it should be humorous

Twice Cooked Scallops

this is served with chanterelles, charred onions and brown butter artichokes.......

Restructured Butternut Squash

We have been really interested in taking things apart and putting them back together we take butternut squash and roast it with blis maple syrup...after it is roasted we add butternut squash juice and puree the two together...we then add agar-agar and mold the puree...the result is very similar to the squash in it's original state, we have just amplified the flavor.....we are working on making it better by distilling or reducing the juice.....

The chicken noodles in action

Raisin Consomme

we serve this with foie gras, oats, and cider poached pears

The Elixir

thank you Blis


Alan Benton is a great man, his bacon is incredible.....Bentons' is located in Madisonville Tn, we love TN

Chicken Noodles

these are made using tg.......

Crispy Foie Gras Poofs

my goal is to shape these like cheetos, they will then be covered in citrus powder to resemble one of my favorite snacks.....
we are currently brainstroming other flavor combinations as well

Frozen Mustard Pearls

We serve these with duck ham, crispy bread and cornichons for an amuse...They are 100% savory thanks to "envision"

Mastic Tears

these things are super intense....tastes like Mr. Clean

a gift from TN

we are currently brainstorming our goals for this TN treasure