The Real Deal

This stuff is from was like eating cold butter..really good butter

Foie Gras Tea with Roasted Peanut Cotton Candy

Eat the cotton candy and drink the tea

Wagyu Shortribs

Duo of potato, hollandaise, worcestershire

Smoked Roe

apple, salmon soil, cauliflower

New Toy

This thing gets to -40 degrees C...........

Scallop Gnocchi, Chestnut, Black Trumpet

We pour a bacon-butternut squash puree tableside


We were doing some serious work with meat glue today and didn't want to take any first

Big Fish, Big Guy

Crazy Drumstick Hand Lady


Chicken Noodle Soup

Baby Golden Beets


We served alot of turkey we used TG to serve boneless medallions of turkey.........they were delicious, glued, brined, poached and fried.....we served them with foie gras stuffing


We use methocel SGA150 and gelatin to shape the strips of hollandaise for our ribeye dish.....we make between 35 and 60 of these every day

That' s alot of meat

Under Pressure

Inspired by a few conversations with Alex Talbot about how pressure affects food and what a great tool it is, we began to brainstorm tools that would help us achieve our goals....We discussed building new pieces of equipment and talked about everything from food marinators to isi chargers. Yesterday we pressurized scallops with foie gras broth and the results were incredible.

Crispy Sheets of Foie Gras

To achieve this texture we used Ultra Tex 3 and a dehydrator.


Sous VIde

Ingredients and Tools

Our Creative Process



This dish was inspired by the tasty and classic bacon wrapped shrimp..........We slow cook the shrimp and serve it with a serrano ham consomme and fennel.....Thinking about adding a drizzle of 50 year balsamic????


We discovered activa a couple of years ago and have used it on a daily basis ever since......
It allows us to restructure things so that we can have more control over the cooking process.....Here we were concerned about the thickness of the halibut we have been was rather thin and was very easy to overcook. We simply dusted the skin side with activa and folded it it is twice as thick and will cook more evenly.....